GoMailo new version release 5.9

Now GoMailo change your HTML template unique for each receiver. Auto template & attachment switching forgot spamming

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Work as human

GoMailo is an AI-based software that works like a human brain.GoMailo provides the freedom to plan anything you want, according to your product marketing and even the latest email marketing policy. It is not a traditional email marketing tool that controls you and your mind. Because in general, you must flow that software features and limitations. That software is crat a briar and even set your brain limitation as per software features because that software can't flow your plane. But GoMailo brack all traditional roles because GoMailo can follow your plan and execute it as a human.

Send unique subject

GoMailo help to make multiple subjects line show you can easily send unique subject line for each receiver that control by GoMailo AI program which helps your all email going to inbox. you can also disable all proportional footprints that help your email go to the primary inbox.

Avoid your content spamming

Avoid your content spamming Do you want to send unique content for each receiver's email to avoid content spamming? Then GoMailo is the best solution to do this GoMailo's AI easily do it for you. Gomailo has the option to make your content personalize, which is very important for cold email marketing.

Avoid images spamming

When you send any logo or product image to your multiple new users, your email detects spam reasons of the same image strings. But GoMailo auto-replace with unique image strings for each receiver and save your content and time .

Avoid URL spamming

When you send any URL link for signup or click event to your multiple new users, your email detects spam reasons of the same link strings. But GoMailo auto-replace with unique URL link strings for each receiver and save your content and time.

Stop sending footprint

Most of the cases of spam or email going to promotion reason of email blaster footprint. GoMailo has provided full control over these tolls. You can disable all tracking links like email trackers, unsubscribe links, and also sender information.

Stop SMTP spamming

Most of the time SMTP spamming cases of sending spam content or excessive email through one sender, GoMailo help you to stop content spamming and also full control over SMTP, like sender rotation , minute, hourly and total sending limit.

Live campaign testing

there is very difficult to know where is my email landing spam or inbox. send me one of the options that help you to know where is your email going. GoMailo every time send a test email to your decided email id after sending few emails to your receiver.

Track your email

GoMailo also provides the email tracking option. You can easily get information on your campaign status like how many emails open with location and device information and also sort out the unsubscriber list. That help you further marketing planning .

No sending limit

GoMailo has no capping of sending limits, no hourly limits, you can set your limits. It depends on your SMTP limits or your system configuration and your internet connection if install on your local computer.

Encrypted data password

GoMailo protects your privacy we save your all data with Encrypted format even your password show if you don't share your password no one can't read it and can't read any information like the template, email list ext....

Full root access

GoMailo provided you full root access no one control monitor your campaign or don't wary about suspension or account block. you have full authority to unlimited install any device no need any permission .

Product training

GoMailo is an AI-based software that works like a human brain.GoMailo can follow your plan and execute it as a human. So we provide proper training, you can operate it properly.

Live suppot 24/7

GoMailo provides premium-level support for every GoMailo user. We provide unconditional support for any software-related issue. we also provide paid premium support for small businesses to solve your skill safe issue. support by email, live chat and phone.

You can install anywhere

GoMailo is developed with PHP and Mysql database and it runs on an Apache-based server. It will work on any apache server. it is batter work in Linux server but you can also install on your local computer, RDB, or any hosting panel.