Increase your limitations

GoMailo is an AI-based software that works like a human brain.GoMailo provides the freedom to plan anything you want, according to your product marketing and even the latest email marketing policy. It is not a traditional email marketing tool that controls you and your mind. Because in general, you must flow that software features and limitations. That software is crat a briar and even set your brain limitation as per software features because that software can't flow your plane. But GoMailo brack all traditional roles because GoMailo can follow your plan and execute it as a human.

Send unique subject

GoMailo help to make multiple subjects line show you can easily send unique subject line for each receiver that control by GoMailo AI program which helps your all email going to inbox. you can also disable all proportional footprints that help your email go to the primary inbox

Send unique content

Do you want to send unique content for each receiver's email to avoid content spamming? Then GoMailo is the best solution to do this GoMailo's AI easily do it for you?

Content personalize

Gomailo has the option to make your content personalize, which is very important for cold email marketing.

Email warmup

Gomailo has the option of email warmup that helps you increase SMTP sending limit and also inbox ratio. You can also check your live campaign going inbox or spam.

Test before making

We have a Test mail option you can check where your mail is lading before making your campaign live.

Product training

We do provide product training after the Installation. Users can install it on your Desktop, RDP, VPS, or any hosting account.